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Updated 26 Feb 2020

Business mobility loses its shackles

While the concept of the mobile office has been around for many years, it is only recently that true mobility - the ability to do more than stay in contact or send and receive emails from almost any location - has become a reality at an affordable price.

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Today's on-the-move executive or remote employee no longer has to remember to download documents from the office server to a notebook PC to be worked on elsewhere.

It is quite possible to run an entire business, or for employees to work from wherever they happen to be - at home, in an airport lounge or "killing time" between meetings in a coffee shop - in exactly the same way as if they were actually at their desks.

This unfettered mobility is a result of the availability of anywhere, anytime and affordable uncapped ADSL broadband connectivity as well as secure VPN (virtual private network) solutions.

In instances where there is no ADSL access - either because there is no copper or fibre available at the office (or home office) or when travelling or commuting, it is generally possible to use a 3G cellular connection instead. 

This connection is more than adequate to browse the web, send and receive emails, do Internet banking, stay in touch via social networking and so much more.

However, a vanilla 3G connection might not provide the level of security and stability required should the remote or on-the-move employee need access to confidential data on the business's server.

That's where offerings like Access Point Name (APN) solutions come to the fore. These deliver the best of both worlds - the freedom of cellular mobility and the security and robustness of a fixed line, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection in a single, cost-effective package. 

With APN (Access Point Name) solutions, your secure mobile connectivity option can be used for email and to access your company?s local or wide area network and servers as well as your cloud computing applications, from locations where landline connectivity isn't available.

That's true business mobility.

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