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Updated 26 Feb 2020

How to make your website work harder

Doing business online is much the same as doing business in a physical shop - you want visitors to buy, not just browse. Therefore, your website should be doing all the things that you would normally do to clinch a sale once someone walks through your shop door.

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Follow these six tips to make sure your website earns its keep:

  1. Is your website listed on a shopping portal? Web shoppers generally use portals as maps for their online shopping requirements. Being listed on one or more such portals is a quick, easy and affordable way to make your site more visible.
  2. Online newsletters are one of the most powerful direct marketing vehicles for accessing a growing customer database. Advertise in one, with a hyperlink to your site, or create an entire newsletter yourself. Bulk emailing facilities are accessible and affordable, making personal communication with your target audience feasible and worthwhile.
  3. Does your website offer specials linked to online orders? Reward those who visit your site with free deliveries or discounts that entice them to your physical shop, eg, "Print out this voucher and present it at your nearest store for 5% off your next purchase".
  4. Use banner exchanges by placing your banner ad on other business websites and running their ads on yours. This gives your site the extra visibility needed to generate sales.
  5. Update your website often. You may have a good-looking site, but if it never changes, no one is going to come back to it.
  6. Pick the right metatags. Tag your site with keywords or phrases that people are most likely to use when searching the web. Opt for two-word phrases if possible, to avoid being too general. Many search engines will pick up your site eventually, but speed up the process by submitting all your keywords, phrases, titles and html tags directly to them. Make your site as "search engine friendly" as possible.
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