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Updated 29 Feb 2020

What’s in a word?

When it comes to finding something – or being found – virtually everyone who is online has heard of Google. But have you heard of Google AdWords? Find out what it is and how it can grow your business.

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Every once in a while a brand becomes so well known and so widely used that people stop using the common noun or verb altogether. Think of "Hoover" (instead of vacuum cleaner), "Band-Aid" (instead of adhesive bandage), "Jacuzzi" (instead of hot tub) and "Pampers" (instead of diapers or nappies).

Now think of the last time you searched for something online. Did you do an Internet search on the topic, or did you just "Google" it?

Unsurprisingly, Google takes first prize when it comes to a brand being so successful that it takes over the common English term for the service that it provides. According to Google, it is currently the preferred search engine of 83% of South African Internet users.

But what makes it a great search engine also makes it a great advertising medium, and this is why your business needs to know about Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is a service that helps you to create and run online advertisements for your business, quickly and simply. You choose (or "bid on") keywords or phrases that best describe your business, and when people search on Google using one of these keywords, they will see your advert appear in the yellow box at the top of their screen, or down the side on the right.

The advantage of this type of advertising over traditional media such as newspapers, magazines or classified adverts, is that your advert only appears when users are looking for information that is directly related to your product or service. In other words, you are advertising to an audience that is already interested in your business.

What makes it ideal for small and medium business owners is that you can control who sees your advertising (for example you can limit your advert to specific countries and languages). You can also control how much you pay for it. Google AdWords features cost-per-click pricing, which means that no matter how many people see it, you only pay when someone responds to (clicks on) your ad. This helps to ensure that you get a strong return on investment - a return that you can manage daily, or even hourly.

There is no minimum monthly charge. You can also set the limit on how much you spend each day, and how much you pay each time someone clicks on your advert. For example, if you decide to pay R2 per click and set your daily budget at R16, you can use a budget of R500 to get 250 new customers to your website in a month. You can also pause your campaign at any time.

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FOR MORE INFORMATION about Google AdWords and tips on running an AdWords campaign, visit or click on the Technology menu tab on this website.

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