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Updated 29 Sep 2020

Ever wonder why we are all connected – all the time?

Operating across multiple continents gives businesspeople a unique perspective of a global industry. Serving local, multi-national and global clients also helps develop a unique set of skills and knowledge repository about the inner workings of human nature. The journey is intricately complicated and yet completely simple. 

David Sand, 30 August 2017  Share  0 comments  Print

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There are definitely some unique differences and similarities that occur from one destination to the next, one client to the next and from one service team to the next and let me delve a little deeper into that.

The difference creates the challenges and demand for flexibility and agility within the processes of organisational efficiency for all businesses with global aspirations. Process defines the quality output, speed to scale or delivery and optimisation. Very often these two bed fellows (flexibility and process) struggle with each other to produce the required customer service result. Service is often the first to be neglected when expansion happens too fast.

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In my experience of managing a business that service client needs on a global scale the two disciplines (agile flexibility and optimised process) need to find that magical space where both are concurrently achieved. We certainly believe we have an organisation that is constantly achieving well on both scores and improving on each daily.

Project management skills are fairly universal as a discipline and the fundamentals for success don’t really change from one continent to the next. It’s these skills that define a methodology that works, can be culturally adjusted, but at a macro level provide the process efficiency necessary.

Design is heavily influenced by your client requirements that require the ability to consult and diagnose. Problem solve and innovate. Harness the available technology and trend data to create a client-focused value add solution.

We make things complicated

Ok so that addresses complicated process, service and scale structures that is mostly void of human nature. It’s also not a guarantee that this will lead to optimal growth and success, because it is a well-known fact that people connect with brands, no matter how functional, on an emotional level.

Achieving a winning result in our game is all about inspiring people to perform or engage at a higher level. Your view point and people philosophy has a great influence on how you approach a solution.

What I mean by this is simple. Do you see humanity as something different if you’re black or white, young or old, male or female, gay or straight, Christian or Jew, America or European, Nigerian or Indian, South sider or up-towner?

Of course we know there are many, things that make us different and every individual on earth has a unique life experience and finger print.

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Inspiring people and helping create sustainable human energy around a cause that is good, locally, across continents and around the world is a challenge that we are being asked regularly to help resolve.

When we have focused on the differences it’s been very interesting and created a set of positive results that have impressed, but when we focused of the similarities we got a quantum shift in result.

There is a revolution happening just like in the commercial renewable energy sector. The Human energy sector is now experiencing some profound shift and it’s exciting. Keep winning. 

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David Sand

David Sand – CEO and founder of UWIN IWIN (Pty) Ltd -1994, with offices in South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, India and Brazil. 2013 Global President of Site Global, the professional association for leaders in the motivational events and incentive industry. He is regarded as a pioneer in the field on online incentive point banking and online loyalty, recognition and reward fulfilment. David is also the founder of the Youth Employment Index a non-profit company that addresses youth employment issues in Africa.

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