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Updated 26 Feb 2020

How to set your business on cruise control over the festive season

How do you manage your business across various locations, especially during the busiest time of year?

Godfrey Madanhire , 29 November 2015  Share  0 comments  Print

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Recently I have opened the Dream Lodge in Kuruman, while still operating Dreamworld Promotions in Cape Town. The drive between the two businesses is an 11 and a half hour trip. 

The vast distance between the two enterprises has meant that I need to be able to leave one company or the other for periods of time. With the festive season nearly upon us, many companies will either be closing their doors or leaving businesses to be managed by skeleton staff. 

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These are my first-hand tips I’ve picked up on, with my companies being across the country from each other, that can help your company operate successfully into the New Year without you.

Employ your replacement

Being able to leave your business alone without you having to manage it when you’re away starts with hiring competent staff. Employing a new employee is always a tricky exercise, but may be necessary if you need to recruit an experienced manager. 

Their background should be heavily-related to your business (less of a learning curve) and they must possess the ability to lead those who are inexperienced. Research is key, and calling references will be important. Just remember that this may be costly.

Establish a solid base

Before you leave the business, make sure that you’ve left a foundation for those who remain there to follow. This can extend across the board of business activities, from day-to-day procedures to month-end reports. 

Remember to create a list for ease of reference, of step-by-step instructions for procedures and protocols. The most important things are details - brainstorm with your employees about certain situations that might arise, and how to handle them.

Set an objective

Often when the boss leaves, employees tend to relax and float around the office. This problem can easily be addressed by setting goals for the period you’re away. Creating an extended task to complete will encourage them to work.

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Be warned though: Too simple and they’ll get bored, too tough and it will cause panic. The job at hand should be something the remaining staff can grasp and complete. An additional benefit of this exercise is that it will help create individualistic thinking and competent employees.

If you find the right balance, you can be sure to return to a working environment you can be proud of after a well-earned holiday.    

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Godfrey Madanhire

Godfrey Madanhire is corporate motivation speaker and has spoken at multiple enterprises ranging from staff self-esteem issues, how to plan and set goals, to how to self-motivate. As the CEO, owner and creator of Dreamworld Promotions Mr Madanhire has been there and got the t-shirt when it comes to the entrepreneurial experience. In nine years of running Dreamworld Promotions he now employs 100 members of staff. Mr Madanhire has also spoken about the entrepreneurial landscape of South African from a foreigner’s perspective.

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