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Updated 30 Sep 2020

How your Internet connection affects your bottom line

Despite how important the Internet is to the operation of your business, it’s easy to take it for granted. That complacency can put your bottom line at risk.

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It’s important to ensure your Internet connection is reliable, stable and of a high-quality. These are the reasons, then, that you should consider investing in an enterprise-grade, SLA-backed Internet connection. 

Downtime is a nightmare 

Nothing puts an end to productivity like a loss in connectivity. The moment your Internet goes down, virtually all work comes to a standstill – a potentially costly situation. How it affects every business is different, but often it results in operations grinding to a halt, lost sales and/or materials, dissatisfied clients/customers, a damaged brand and reputation, costs incurred to restore IT, and potential compliance violations.

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It’s important you understand your business’s needs and properly plan for every eventuality, should the Internet go down, as well as how to respond. You need to understand how much downtime you can afford, and put a recovery plan together that ensures you never reach that deadline. 

It’s surprisingly easy to lose your data

If your data isn’t backed up to a remote, secure cloud server, you’re at risk. It doesn’t need to be a freak accident like a fire or a break-in that puts your valuable information at risk either. You’d be surprised by how easy it is for your network to be infected by malware and other malicious files, often introduced by employee mobile devices, portable hard drives, and phishing emails. 

If you can’t restore your data to an earlier date, you may have just lost everything – the same goes for accidentally deleted files, failed drives, or stolen devices. It could happen to you, devastating your bottom line. 

A reliable, high-speed Internet connection ensures your data can be backed up to the cloud at the end of each day, but should your circumstances require fewer or more backups, it’s really no problem. 

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Transform the way you do business

There’s no arguing that downtime or lost data is potentially devastating to your bottom line, but Internet connectivity has a lot more going for it than purely preventing disaster. Cloud-based Internet tools and managed services can completely transform your business – boosting productivity and collaboration, reducing costs, shortening turnaround times, and enhancing the customer experience. 

The Internet is the linchpin of most modern businesses. Like your data, which you go through great lengths to secure from disaster, you should secure your Internet connection too.

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Michael Colin

A lifelong techie at heart, Michael Colin, Sales Director, BitCo got his start in sales almost by accident, while working as a junior field technician on Ericsson PABX systems. Already an exceptional engineer, Michael’s technical expertise and passion meant that he was a formidable salesman as well, selling systems across the country while he learned the ropes, including one of Ericsson’s largest contracts at the time.

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