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Updated 29 Sep 2020

The benefits of cleaning up your systems and focusing on efficiency

Businesses aren’t only built on the calibre of its people, businesses are built on processes. 

Kgomotso Mautloa, 17 September 2016  Share  0 comments  Print

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When it comes to improving your business’s efficiencies, you have to pay particular attention to the systems and processes that you’ve defined. If a process isn’t working, you need to know what changes need to take place in order for a process to received and implemented by your employees.

Implementing too many processes may hinder your employees’ responsiveness; while too few processes may lead to each employee taking a different path to achieve a similar outcome. 

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Here are five benefits that you can glean from sharpening up your business’s systems and processes:

Benefit 1 – You’ll be less frustrated in the workplace 

The importance of processes in any business is vital for achieving success. Revaluating your processes and harnessing them is key to improving your business and creating a lean and efficient operation.

Running a disorderly business is a sure way to create frustration for your clients, confusion for your employees and endless headaches for you. 

Benefit 2 – You’ll have a deeper understanding of your business

As a business owner, you know your business the best, and you know what your objectives are, and how you’d ideally like to shape your business. 

With constant evaluation of your business and your business structure, you’ll be able to see where you fall short. You need to identify challenges and opportunities and make note of them to ensure you introduce systems and processes that enable instead of hinder productivity. 

Benefit 3 – You’ll assign existing resources more effectively

Business -delegation

As a small business, it may be challenging for you to be able to hire the right people, either because of expense, planning or other reasons. With that in mind, have look at your existing team and see how you can work smarter with the people that you already employ.

Sometimes, it’s easier to up-skill a person than hire a new person. As a business owner, you must undertake regular skills audits to evaluate your team’s competencies and shortfalls. 

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Benefit 4 – You’ll have a methodology to leverage

There are a few steps that you need to follow to identify the right processes for your business. Here’s some suggestions: 

  1. Look at your team; evaluate them, their skill sets and their productivity levels.
  2. Understand what you would like to achieve, we all need to set a marker as to where we would like to go.
  3. An analysis of why you aren’t able to get there will lead to understanding some of the factors that are holding back your processes or your progress.
  4. Create a flow chart of your existing processes.
  5. Start filling in the gaps where you would like to improve your flow.

Benefit 5 – You’ll have a benchmark to aim for 

In the few years of operating my business, I’ve learnt some important lessons: one of which is testing and reporting.

With all the changes that you eventually create within your work space and process driven work flows, you always need to be testing and evaluating to see whether they work or not. You’ll find great insight when you look at where you were versus where you are heading.

In most cases you’ll find ways to either make your processes better, or even find new ways that suit your team and your business better.

Not everything is set in stone and you don’t need to follow the next company. We all have different challenges as business owners and we need to find ways that work for our own companies. Start building your operating procedures now and never stop tweaking them.

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