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Updated 26 Feb 2020

RocoMama's 7 lessons to remain on top of your game with customers

On the road to business success, RocoMamas founder Brian Altriche learnt some valuable lessons when providing customers with a unique service.

Nadine Todd, Entrepreneur, 07 February 2017  Share  0 comments  Print

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1. Complacency is a killer

RocoMamas disrupted the market because there was a lot of complacency amongst incumbent brands. Now we are being copied, but we were first and social media notices. This is why your early adopters are so important. They’re your social media evangelists.

2. Know your market

Immerse yourself in it. Suffer humility. Know what’s happening on the floor of your business. Listen to your customers. Don’t ever think you know better than them.

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3. Keep on point

By all means set a trend, but remain relevant to your market. You can’t sell burgers to the mainstream if you’re too gourmet and craft. There needs to be a balance. And we wanted to be mainstream.

4. Regularly take your business’s pulse

You need to sit in the business and feel its lifeblood. You can’t design it on paper and expect it to run. You need to feel it. I even control the music playlist, because this adds to the overall experience.

5. Have a fundamental why

We are passionate about customers getting a good quality product. My daughters were my first inspiration, but this grew into customers getting the best. Start with why. Money comes later, but should never be your driving goal. What are you solving? How will you deliver it?

6. Be pedantic about service

Through our tickbox menus that customers fill in themselves, we realised how often customers actually make mistakes. They’ve ticked the box themselves and written their name, and yet it’s not what they ordered or meant to order. We fix the error anyway, free of charge. It’s one meal, compared to losing a loyal customer.

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7. Turn a complaint around in under two hours

Your customers are right there. You have a unique opportunity to solve all issues then and there. We monitor our social media platforms 24/7. We will action any negative post within ten to 15 minutes, and hope that we get the customer while they are still in the store.

There are so many touch points where mistakes can happen — a burger can be over- or undercooked. We make our food from scratch, and on Fridays we run a big queue. Mistakes happen. We’re all human. How you deal with it — and how quickly — is what’s important.

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