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Updated 29 Feb 2020

The best way to ensure customers will keep coming back

A pristine, high-end, long-lasting product means customers may not be back in a hurry for the same item, but best be sure they’ll return for something else, and bring family and friends along with them.  But what’s the best way to achieve this? 

Alon Sachs, 10 October 2017  Share  0 comments  Print

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Quality over quantity is the main ingredient to ensure people keep coming back for more.

1. When selling quality products with an extended lifespan, customers likely only return years after their purchase. How do you keep them coming back?

That answer is quite simple. Ensure you have other high-end products for sale and customers will keep coming back for those. With furniture there’s a range of other complementary products available, and those are the pieces customers come back for. This means the customer won’t only return to store after the product lifespan has ended.

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2. How viable is selling long-lasting products?

In my view and experience it’s very viable. If your business offers a long-lasting product, and customers experience this quality, they then trust your brand, which means they will keep coming back for other products and will send family and friends there too.

3. Tell us about your current business model that ensures a balanced flow and return of customers all year round?

We have various tactics to ensure we have regular returning customers, including our 30% buy back guarantee, which allows customers to trade in their old furniture and receive 30% in value, which goes towards a new set of furniture. In addition, we know fashion changes constantly and with this in mind we always remain on-trend with our furniture.

4. In your view, should a brand adopt a new marketing strategy that focuses on targeting new customers every year? 

Targeting new customers is costly, but acquisition it still important for a growing company. If we had a large enough existing customer base, we would spend zero on marketing and acquiring new customers. Instead, we would spend our time and budget on customer retention and re-marketing.

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In essence flipping the marketing funnel on its head and marketing to those people who already understand our story, who have bought into our promise and have experienced the magic of owning our furniture, these people are much easier to convert into new business.

5. How can a brand ensure that they select and offer products which are suitable for changing trends?

Furniture is not ‘fast fashion’ yet it is fashionable. We need to select products which will last, both in terms of quality and in terms of style. We always advise our customers to choose neutral shades when investing in large pieces of furniture and recommend they use colourful scatter cushions, throws and rugs, which are relatively inexpensive to embrace the season’s colour trends and also expresses their personality.

The biggest trend is quality furniture - people want things that last. We are past the notion of the latest fads and throwaway goods that only last for a short time. People want to invest in things that are made well and that stand the test of time.

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Alon Sachs, co-founder of the design-led furniture brand – Mobelli Furniture + Living shares his business insight and suggestions as one of SA’s leading entrepreneurs. Mobelli Furniture + Living, a speciality retailer that provides décor and lifestyle products boasting unsurpassed style, comfort and choice while tailoring offerings to specific customer needs and supplying furniture which is specifically suited to the South African market and weather conditions.

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