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Updated 26 Feb 2020

Tips to warm up your cold calls

Convincing a complete stranger to give your product or service a chance is no mean feat. When done effectively, a cold call can be the start of a warm business relationship. Try these tips to improve your technique.

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Cold calling is when you approach a potential customer without any previous introduction or contact, with a view to selling to your product or service to them. It is not easy and it usually takes many calls to generate only one or two potential leads. Here's how to make your cold calls more effective.

Research your market and prospects.

  • Approach the call as a pitch, not a sale.
  • Prepare an opening statement. Don't read it verbatim, rather use it as a framework to get the conversation off to a good start.
  • Draw up an outline of what you want to say. Lay out the benefits of your product or service and the reasons your prospect should buy. Include possible objections and your answers to them. Again, do not read from this outline. It exists only to prepare you.
  • Make your calls in the morning. It is the best time to reach the decision maker directly.
  • Be persistent. Around 80% of new sales are only made after the fifth contact with the customer, yet most people give up after the second call.
  • Pre-empt your call by sending the person a promotional item or discount coupon linked to your product or service.
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