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Updated 06 Dec 2020

Generating leads

You need to generate leads in order to find new people to sell to. We tell you how.

7 ways to generate leads for your business

      1. Social Media
        Social media offers the opportunity to make direct contact with possible customers and address questions and queries in real-time.
      2. Networking and referrals
        Referral marketing is an effective technique to create a steady stream of leads.
      3. Trade Shows
        Whether you are exhibiting at a trade show, or just attending, trade shows are an excellent way to build up leads and partnerships.
      4. Direct email
        You can maintain communication with your existing client-base through a content management system, or start off with a small database in excel.
      5. Pay per click
        The Google Adwords platform can help to position your product for the right audience.
      6. Your website
        Capture site visitor information on your website by inviting users to fill in a form
      7. Advertising
        Advertise in industry-relevant publications


Lead generation is the process of creating sales leads that might convert into sales.

The leads can come from various sources or activities, for instance via the Internet, through phone calls, advertisements and even networking. Businesses can also use social media, referrals, telemarketers and trade shows to generate leads.


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