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Updated 14 Jul 2020

Malawi News

Insight into doing business in Eastern Africa, including economic insights and business opportunities.

Here’s why you should be importing Malawian fashion

Nicole Crampton , 30 August 2017

There are plenty of international eyes on the growing African fashion industry. You can take advantage of this market by importing continental styles. 


Agri-processing investment opportunities are ripe for your picking in Malawi

Nicole Crampton , 05 February 2017

If you’re willing to take on the infrastructure challenges and invest in Malawi’s relatively untapped agri-processing sector, you can profit from the country’s resources and opportunities. 


You can find investment opportunities at Malawi’s Mzuzu Fashion Week

Nicole Crampton , 05 September 2016

Attending Malawi’s Mzuzu Fashion Week won’t only give you a taste of the country’s newest fashion trends, but also actionable insights into how you can invest in the Malawian fashion sector. 


Gaps you can fill in the Malawi market

Nicole Crampton , 15 April 2016

Although Malawi is not without its challenges, the country still offers businesses looking to expand their footprint into Africa some viable market gaps well worth capitalising on.


One stop service centre for ‘doing business’ in Malawi

10 November 2014

The One Stop Service Centre aims to streamline investment approvals and fiscal incentives in a bid to support the private sector’s growth.


Standard Bank-Malawi in TradeSure launch

11 April 2014

Standard Bank Malawi on Wednesday unveiled an insurance product under the name TradeSure to offer cover to shipments from their origination to final destination.