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Updated 03 Jul 2020

Botswana News

Insight into doing business in Southern Africa, including economic insights and business opportunities.

Why Botswana is a good bet for business expansion

Catherine Bristow , 31 March 2016

Taking your business into Africa is no easy feat, but some countries are easier to penetrate than others, offering similar markets to the South African environment. One such country is that of Botswana – a mere four and a half hours away from Johannesburg. 


5 Reasons to do business in Botswana

Catherine Bristow , 25 October 2015

A hop and a leap from South Africa’s borders, Botswana offers businesses looking to expand a favourable business environment. 


Doing business in Botswana ranking declines

30 December 2014

Botswana declines in the World Bank ease of doing business index.