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Updated 14 Jul 2020

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Insight into doing business in Western Africa, including economic insights and business opportunities.

Why ABC Cosmetics launched in Angola and how you can to

Nicole Crampton , 11 June 2017

Angola offers the ingredients for success. ABC Cosmetics knows this and has launched a large operation. Maybe it’s time you looked into Angola to discover its potential too? 


Angola’s foreign direct investment: The opportunities and restrictions

Nicole Crampton , 12 September 2016

Angola's a market that's ripe for investment, considering its growing population and improving middle-class lifestyle. Investing in the country, however, requires a strategy and the best way to strategise is to understand its foreign direct investment policies. 


4 Things you need to know about doing business in Angola

Nicole Crampton , 27 January 2016

Angola’s government is focusing on restoring its previous high export products. This is a potential business opportunity, but it won’t wait forever. 


Angola and Nigeria offer growth opportunities for manufacturers

Catherine Bristow , 10 October 2015

The latest Frost & Sullivan analysis has revealed that Nigeria and Angola offer attractive growth for manufacturers in the offshore oil and gas paints and coatings market. 


What Angola has to offer SME investors

06 January 2015

Angola is not without its challenges but it is investing in its growth and development, making it a viable business option.


Angola is good to grow

06 October 2014

Lower oil production is set to cut Angola’s economic growth in 2014, before a rebound in the oil industry boosts growth next year.


Starting a business in Angola? Here’s 8 steps to do it in

06 September 2014

Want to start a business in Angola. There are eight procedures that you will have to complete to register a business in the country.