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Updated 14 Jul 2020

Ivory Coast News

Insight into doing business in Western Africa, including economic insights and business opportunities.

Ivory Coast is bucking the economic downturn trend

Nicole Crampton , 26 September 2017

Ivory Coast’s economy is growing and is estimated to average 9% for the next three years. If you want to invest on the ground floor of a rocket ship, now is the time. 


Ivory Coast’s new chocolatiers see a gap in the market and want to own it

Nicole Crampton , 11 January 2017

30% of the world’s cocoa is harvested in Ivory Coast. Partner with this potentially global emerging market and grow the industry from the ground up. 


SWOT analysis to assist with your Ivory Coast expansion strategy

Nicole Crampton , 12 October 2016

Use this succinct SWOT analysis to ensure that the Ivory Coast offers the type of environment your business needs to thrive. 


Ivory Coast set to be an emerging country by 2020

Nicole Crampton , 19 March 2016

By combining strategic planning and foreign investors, Ivory Coast plans to transform itself into an emerging country by 2020. 


Ivory Coast beckons investors

21 January 2015

Ivory coast is open for business again as investors consider returning