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Updated 14 Jul 2020

Where can your business grow in Ghana?

Four investment opportunities Ghana offers entrepreneurs looking to expand into Africa. 

Nicole Crampton, 21 April 2016  Share  0 comments  Print

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In 2015 Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Mzwandile Masina led a team on a trade mission to Ghana to set up the ground work for a streamlined expansion and investment process.

The aim of the trade mission was to create economic development as well as develop investment on the African continent.

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Ghana has five high impact areas that all require an influx of capital or experienced businesses to further develop these sectors, offering you growth opportunities within Africa.

Here are four sectors that you could invest in:

1. Telecommunications

Ghana currently has a mobile rate that has surpassed 100% penetration. Many Ghanaian’s have more than one phone on more than one service provider.  

“These sectors are performing, but could use an investment influx or business with experience to provide direction. The country has a growing entrepreneurial society, which means even incubators could fulfil the demand for economic growth.”

2. Real estate

The rapid growth of the economy has created a significant boost in the real estate industry. This resulted in the skyrocketing of demand for residential and industrial property. This demand leads to opportunities in construction, real estate development and real estate management.

3. Industrial businesses

Ghana -worker

Ghana has a large industrial industry and is advancing past many African countries. Ghanaian entrepreneurs are focusing on how to make every product locally. With an influx of capital or a business that can create locally made products this industry has no limits.

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4. Service opportunities

Ghana still needs services in every industry including management level education facilities and information communication technology. These services are essential to meeting the needs of the growing private sector. Medical services need improvement; they are currently unable to offer high quality care. 

Without investment in these sectors it could limit Ghana’s economic growth. There is potential of high returns, but even higher returns if your business can connect your investment to the energy and mining boom in Ghana.


  • Telecommunications is booming across Ghana. It requires support and capital to successful grow and reach its earning potential.
  • Real estate is booming but struggling without foreign investment. The real estate industry also needs proper training and real estate services.
  • Industrial business is growing exponentially, but small parts or pieces are slowing down the process. This sector could use experience and a capital contribution.
  • Service opportunities affect every industry and need to improve across the board. This sector can link to, many other sectors and you or your business can benefit from these connections.
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