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Updated 20 Oct 2020


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Standard Bank capabilities

Partner with a bank born and bred in Africa

Using deep insights based on our locations, legitimacy, and reputation and our deep industry knowledge, we can assist you in building meaningful and relevant presence within Zimbabwe.

We can help take your business into Zimbabwe

With a well-established African presence and specialist expertise in key centres of Africa we can provide you with insights for your Zimbabwe expansion, and a network to leverage from.

We have also fostered strong relationships with governments, regulators and key players in sectors. Our deep knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations enables us to advise you on Zimbabwe’s specific requirements when establishing your business.


Here’s how your business can benefit from partnering with us:

Solid pan-African treasury capability

As Africa’s leading investment bank we can provide your business with access to global market dealers in 18 countries. We also offer domestic transactional banking in 18 countries, and provide settlement capabilities in 22 other countries.

Our regional custody and integrated technologies and systems speak directly to regional treasury set-ups, allowing you to save you time when it comes to transacting from anywhere in Africa, or the world.

Access to a universal bank

As our client, you can save time by dealing with a single point of contact, your client co-ordinator. Our specialist client co-ordinators can provide you with access to all our transactional products and services, applicable to the region you are interested in. Moreover, we can assist in managing pan-African relationships through a central relationship manager who interacts with in-country relationship managers.

Your business can have access to:

  • Transactional bankers and service advisors
  • Trade sales managers
  • Global markets sales managers and dealers
  • Investment bankers
  • Client service desks for first-time resolution and the escalation of procedures
Did you know?

Standard Bank can save you time and money by providing your business with a central relationship manager that interacts with in-country relationship managers.

Strong financials with supporting credit ratings

As Africa’s largest banking group by assets, we are able to provide you with a solid and sustainable platform to establish your business in Zimbabwe. Our headline earnings peaked at approximately USD 1.7 billion last year and we also ensure that all credit ratings are matched to sovereign ratings:

  • Fitch: BBB-
  • Moody’s: Baa2
  • Standard and Poor’s: BBB-



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