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Updated 06 Dec 2020

Biweekly Insights Reports 13 - 2018

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All the answers to your unique business lifestage questions

These documents give insights into the current price trends of key agricultural commodities, topical industry developments, exchange rate movements, and fuel and oil price movements. For further information please kindly contact the analysts named in the reports.   


Download Livestock Biweekly Insights – Report No.13 2018

Download Field Crops Biweekly Insights – Report No.13 2018

Download Horticulture Biweekly Insights – Report No.13 2018

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Introducing the bank’s advice for new entrants to farming

Considering going into farming? Head of Agribusiness, Nico Groenewald gives top advice on common mistakes to avoid and how to overcome the barriers to entry in agribusiness.

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