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Updated 06 Dec 2020

Why it’s necessary to start future-proofing buildings today

The number of eco-friendly buildings double every three years. Internationally, this trillion-dollar industry has been driven by consumer demand and is today more than just a trend.

Wayne Bartlett, 31 May 2018  Share  0 comments  Print

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South Africa is no stranger to water shortages, climate change, and increasing electricity and water tariffs. While the uptake of green building has taken some time, we have seen a concerted effort from clients, architects, contractors and project managers to adopt green building practices. 

Going green, reducing operating costs 

Known for being energy and resource efficient, green buildings are set to lower operating costs in the long-run and enhance the property value. There is a lot of marketability around these buildings too, particularly in South Africa where the idea of a completely green building is still a fairly new concept.

In most cases, clients are investing in measures such as the reduction of heat loads, increased use of natural light, making use of energy-efficient aircons and fresh air circulation where possible, installing water-efficient plumbing fittings, undertaking in water harvesting and of course, making use of renewable energy sources.

Rewards exceeding expenditure

Bartlett Construction has worked on several green building projects including an award-winning green building, General Electric (GE’s) Innovation Centre in Johannesburg, which received a Green Star Interiors v1 4 Star Rating from the GBCSA in 2016. 

We are now setting a new standard by creating innovative yet sustainable spaces that are being recognised by our industry peers and consumers alike. It’s no secret that green building and green procurement is an expensive exercise. However, when one looks to the long-term benefits and total cost of ownership, the rewards exceed the expenditure.

Procuring and partnering with responsible suppliers has become a factor for clients. Some clients are today enjoying a reduction of up to 40% in their carbon footprint which allows for more ethical and more sustainable business practices.

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Wayne Bartlett

Wayne Bartlett is the Contracts Director at family-run construction firm, Bartlett Construction. With more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry and more specifically at Bartlett Construction, Wayne has helped grow the company to 50+ employees. The firm works on key projects around SA and has a property development arm too.

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