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Updated 21 Jan 2019

3 Ways to make your franchise ‘instagrammable’

These days, consumers seem obsessed with taking pictures of their plates (and posting it on social media platforms). But, why aren’t they doing this with your food?

Diana Albertyn, Entrepreneur, 11 May 2018  Share  0 comments  Print

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Food is a big deal to Millennials. As is social media. That’s why your social-media-active patrons aged 18-35 actively spend five whole days a year browsing food images on Instagram. If that isn’t concerning enough for you to take note of social media’s impact on your customers’ spending choices, consider this:

30% Of consumers surveyed said they would avoid a restaurant if that food outlet’s Instagram presence was lacking.

Customers are not only using the Instagram to document what they’re eating, they’re also using it to decide where to eat. Here’s how to ensure you’re at the top of that list:

1. Get the restaurant’s look and feel right

Décor and design is no longer just for ambience and consistency for patrons no matter which one of your restaurants they’re choosing to dine at. Your customers are starting to be more attentive to various elements of your stores, like wall art, contrasting textures on the table, and of course, the lighting.

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“You’re seeing it everywhere. Restaurants are changing their lighting and the crockery they use because essentially, it’s free marketing,” says trend analyst Dion Chang.

Today’s digitally-driven consumer market requires greater investment in store design as social media marketing becomes increasingly crowdsourced to your customers.

2. Present photo-worthy plates of food

“The Instagram trend has also led to more creative presentations of food and a greater emphasis on plating,” notes The Global Millennial. Just ask Rocomamas, Vovo Telo and Mugg & Bean about their take on the ‘freakshake’ – the outrageously decorated, colourful milkshakes that have become a viral sensation. While these franchises have put one adventurous menu item as their Instagram star, Italian-inspired restaurant franchise Col’Cacchio has used its latest revamped as an opportunity to deliver a more inspired presentation for a great (and sharable) overall dining experience.

Col’Cacchio restaurants nationwide have introduced interactive ‘Instagram placemats’ with guidelines on taking the perfect shot for social media sharing.

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3. Put your brand on everything

To creating purposeful, Instagrammable moments, social media experts recommend adding special touches designed to entice social sharing. From serving your meals on crockery branded with your logo, to even creating custom ice blocks, stamped with the restaurant’s name, find a way to emphasise your franchise in every photo taken and shared. Your menu is no longer your key selling point, as more and more consumers make their dining choices based on what they see on Instagram.

Besides having a well-run Instagram (and other social media) account, it’s important to urge your customers to share your food and their experience at your restaurant with everyone they know.

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