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Small business stars announced

Seda announces Gauteng provincial winners in SA’s largest business plan competition.

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A hi-tech waterless toilet for densely populated rural areas and a luxury perfume brand for cars are the two joint provincial winners for Gauteng in the Seda Small Business Stars entrepreneur competition.

More than 5 500 business ideas, start-ups and existing small businesses entered the competition nationally. The winners were selected from a group of 20 finalists in Gauteng and now go through to the national finals, where nearly R4 million in prizes is at stake.

The two joint winners are Dudley Jackson of Pennine Energy Innovation and Lizelle Beukes of Arrero Premium Car Fragrance.

Sanitation innovations

Pennine Energy Innovation have developed a unique and ‘dignified’ waterless toilet which uses special technology to separate liquid and solid waste, where after solid waste is dried and compacted using heat and airflow, requiring no water or electricity.

Liquid waste (urine) can be separated and used to produce fertilizer, while solid waste can be removed safely and be used to produce biofuel.

“Our SavvyLoo product is a patented desiccating toilet that is an improvement on many of the interventions that the World Health Organisation approves such as pit latrines and septic systems. It avoids any human contact with waste,” says Dudley Jackson.

Alternative car freshners

Arrero Premium Car Fragrance is a luxury car fragrance which is “a classy alternative to the existing car fresheners that are on the market,” says Lizelle Beukes.

“The fragrances are based on designer aromas, and not the typical “fruity” smells currently available. As people spend more time in their cars, and as the average age of cars on the road increases due to high new car costs, this is a way for people to keep a new car sensation for longer.”

Seda small business stars

Seda spokesperson Nkululeko Kunene congratulated the winners and said: “These innovative products are the tip of the iceberg. The competition has generated a wealth of new business ideas and small businesses with exciting growth potential.”

“Seda will be supporting these and other winners and finalists to the tune of no less than R3 580 000 worth of business support, in addition to the other prizes such as laptops, software and publicity exposure.”

More than 3 192 unique visitors visited the competition website, while 9 306 people registered to enter the competition. More than 20 000 entry forms were downloaded and several thousand people attended workshops and business plan training sessions.

The provincial winners each receive R15 000 in cash and R130 000 worth of Seda business support, while the runners up feach receive a laptop and Microsoft Office software, as well as between R4 500 and R10 000 in cash.

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