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Updated 20 Jul 2018

Elevate your retail business to the next level with these 3 impressive strategies

Are you an established retailer looking to grow your business through expanding your customer base? This is how you can do it. 

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If you want to grow your business by multiplying your customer base, you are going to have to impress consumers. “Impressing, wooing, and earning the favour of consumers is the key to developing brand awareness and loyalty,” says Hassan Mansoor, founder and director at Technical Minds Web. “These qualities are essential for taking your business to the next level. That means higher profits, expansion, and greater success.” 

Customers aren’t easily impressed, given the array of choices they are being offered every day. Your competition is going all out to reel your customers in – what are you doing about it?

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Selling to your customers isn’t a once-off thing, says DotActiv’s Darren Gilbert: “It should be viewed as a long-term relationship. As the retailer, you’re in charge of whether or not this relationship remains a healthy one.” There are many options for consumers – it’s up to you to ensure you’re their only choice.

Empowered consumers won’t come looking for you; you have to find them. So, how can you expand your reach, relate to your customers and relook your definition of customer service to attract and keep a healthy customer base? Like this:

1. Expand your reach with a multi-faceted approach 

Creating and running various analogue and digital channels for customer interaction is great – but having them work together is even better. “Post a video on social media, link to your company blog through your email signature or optimise different types of search engine results,” suggests Mansoor.

He says that for a business to grow, it has to extend its reach as far as possible. “Multi-pronged marketing approaches reach the farthest, gaining the attention of target audience, catching the eye of potential consumers, and drawing in new markets,” he adds. You can fuel your business growth by combining web platform usage, web media uploads and multiple e-commerce sales channels. 

2. Relate to your customers through brand personality 

75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer if the retailer recognises them by name, knows their purchase history or recommends options based on past purchases, reports Accenture. Personalisation is consumerism is fastest-growing. It’s a trend that will gather momentum as consumers get accustomed to receiving ads that are tailored to their interests on their social media accounts.

“In addition to getting to know your customers better, be consistent across your marketing to make your brand more memorable, relatable, and impressive for consumers,” says Mansoor. “Use one select tone, design scheme, and central ‘personality type’ to represent your brand.” For example, the “i” prefix used for Apple products signifies the brand’s personal quality of what it sells. 

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3. Redefine your customer service offering 

You may think your customer service is good; excellent maybe – but did you know that consumers consider difficulty interacting with your business as bad customer service? FAQ sections and message-recording systems aren’t helpful to a customer who needs immediate support. 

The ability to SMS or call numbers found on your company’s website, start a conversation with a chatbot, or receive immediate attention to get customer service whenever they need it goes a long way in appeasing an unsatisfied customer. How about offering a cash on delivery service to accommodate your unbanked customers like online retailers Takealot and Zando, who also accept payment via eBucks?

“Make customer service as convenient for consumers as possible to win them over,” adds Mansoor.


Forming a long-term relationship with customers requires constant and consistent work. Expand your approach, get to know your customers and make your brand synonymous with excellent service and they will always return for more. 

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