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Updated 20 Oct 2020

How online retailers can reduce shopping cart abandonment

In 2015, there will R40 trillion worth of abandoned merchandise in online shopping carts. What can be done to their conversion rates?

Liam Casey, Entrepreneur, 20 March 2016  Share  0 comments  Print

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Even though online retail continues to grow, there is a huge issue with people filling their virtual shopping cart and not completing the order at the last minute. In 2016, there will be R40 trillion of abandoned merchandise.

What can online retailers do about this? The main issue with customers is their reticence to pay shipping costs, with 57% of customers seeing this as a stumbling block.

Depending on the product online retailers sell, it may be worth considering reducing shipping costs, or even getting rid of them all together. Of course, this will all depend on the margins you are working on, but shipping costs is definitely an area all online retailers need to think about carefully.

The overall feel of a checkout process is also hugely influential and any complications will frustrate people. Frustration results in customers abandoning their shopping cart and not completing the purchase. In this info-graphic from SnapParcel you will discover how to create the best online checkout to maximise the chances of making a sale.

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It's also important to remember that even after you make a sale you need to treat the customer with kid gloves.

It's vital that customers are sent a thank you note as well as an email confirming everything that has been ordered, so the customer can check everything is accurate one last time.

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