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Updated 20 Oct 2020

Business Plan Template

While each business has a unique business plan, there is certain information that every business has to include. This template shows you how.

Developing a pricing strategy

You need to get the balance right when determining how much you're going to charge for your product or service.

Business name brainstorming worksheet

Things to consider when trying to find the perfect name for your new business.

SWOT analysis worksheet

We show you how to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities relative to your business.

Idea evaluation checklist

Find out of your great idea for a product or service will make a viable business.

Tips for writing a business plan

There are a lot of generic business plan templates available through the Internet or in business books. However, bear in mind that a business plan should tailored to suit your specific type of business and the audience for which the plan is written.

Evaluating a business idea

How sure are you that your business idea is great? Here’s what investors look for when they evaluate an idea.

Where good ideas come from

Not all ideas are great, so how do the really good ones come into being?