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Updated 06 Dec 2020

Preparing your family for entrepreneurship

Not all entrepreneurs realise the impact that their new business can have on their immediate family.

Being an entrepreneur while having a family

In an ideal world, starting a new business wouldn’t be any different from carrying on a normal day-job. But the road to entrepreneurship often starts long before you even quit your full-time career. This can have an effect on your time, and family-bound obligations.

      1. Share your dream

Communicating your plans to start a new business with your family will help them to understand, and support you.

      2. Prepare everybody for the changes

In the beginning, time will come at a premium, and this means that schedules in the home might change. Prepare your family for the road ahead.

      3. Become the master of your schedule

Identify certain family activities that are non-negotiables, and schedule your business activities around those.

      4. Outsource where possible

It is not possible to do everything yourself. Get help for basic tasks at home or in the office.

When you start a new business it can have an enormous impact on your family, and not always a positive one.


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